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Juz Wholesome is more than a healthcare provider; we're advocates for a wholesome lifestyle. With a focus on nourishing the body and soul, we invite you to embrace a holistic approach to living, where care and wellness seamlessly come together.

Beyond Healthcare, Towards Wholesome Living

Wellness Consultation & Services

For the body to be in its best state and have the ability to heal, it requires to be in balance. Our wellness services like cupping, liver cleansing and essential oil therapy aims to do just that. 

Wholesome Food & Products

From wholesome ingredients to health-focused products, we bring you a range that embodies care and quality for a healthier lifestyle.

Nursing Consultation & Services

Personalized nursing care delivered to your doorstep. Our team provides skilled medical care, consultations, and emotional support in the comfort of your home.

Departure Consultation

For a peaceful and dignified transition, our doulas provide emotional and practical support to individuals and families during the final stages of life.

Our Services

About Juz Wholesome

Juz Wholesome was born on 27 September 2023 with the intention to serve the community by harnessing the purpose, strengths and beauty of our Creator’s creations. Life itself is a miracle and being in the Nursing profession since 1997, I learned to appreciate how God, our Creator, has put our body parts / systems together and let it function at it’s possible optimal level even when we are not conscious about how hard they work and how much we are appreciating / abusing them.  


Juz Wholesome would like to cultivate gratefulness to our Creator that created this body and mother earth by making every little possible changes in what we consume and use in our daily living that will truly benefit our physical, mental and spiritual well being. We would like to share these knowledge with you and we look forward to journey with you towards finding your peace and tranquility in whichever stage of life you are at now.     

Provide Wholesome services & products by appreciating nature’s beauty With-In and With-Out.

Our Vision

Serve with purpose and goodness.

Our Mission


Take ownership of the roles we play and services we provide.  


 Be honest with self and others. 


Be mindful of the present (what we have / can do now) and appreciate everything that God allows to happen 

Our Values

Why Juz Wholesome?

Believe in giving our best and constantly working towards excellence. 

We are steadfast to our Vision, Mission and Values 

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